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On May 24, 2016, the Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor welcomed his first child, Bowie Banjo.

Soaps.com wants to send a very Happy Birthday message to the son of The Young and the Restless star Jason Thompson (Billy). Bowie, his firstborn with wife Paloma, turned 6 today and his proud papa posted a photo with the family from Universal Studios Hollywood where they spent the afternoon celebrating.

But before we share that with you, join us as we take a look back at Bowie’s life in pictures…

”Welcome to Earth, Bowie”

“The sweetest smells and the most beautiful sounds,” Thompson shared, along with the first photo of Bowie. “And a mother that is other worldly.”

Naps All Around

Anyone who’s had a baby knows just how important naps are for not only them but for their parents too! “A day off of work makes for a perfect day on the chest,” the actor stated while Bowie slept. “And momma gets a nap. Win, win, win.”

Next Stop, New York City

There’s nothing like your first trip to the Big Apple and even though little Bowie was too little to remember, his daddy wanted to capture his “first trip to the concrete jungle.”

Sports Day With Dad

Hanging out with his son, Thompson shared this adorable pic of him and Bowie watching “Canada win the World Cup of Hockey.”

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Reel Family Meets Real Family

Thompson’s onscreen brother Peter Bergman (Jack) stopped by to meet his little “nephew,” if you will, as the younger Abbott portrayer shared, “Brother Bergman meets Bowie.”

Bonding Over Christmas Cartoons

“This has just become one of my favorite moments,” Thompson expressed as he and his “little man” watched Christmas cartoons.

Happy First Birthday

With little Bowie now a year old, Thompson posted a sweet message surrounding the birth of his son. “My heart will forever beat a new rhythm. It started when I met his mom, and it grew deeper, louder yet softer when Bowie was born. And I know when his little sister comes to play soon, even better, beats and better vibes,” Thompson shared while anticipating the birth of his second child. “Thank you stars, for letting us be the ones to guide our boy on his second trip around sun. I love you Bowie Banjo.”

Some Time With His Little Sis

On September 20, 2017, Bowie was blessed with a baby sister Rome Coco. “Sometimes I still can’t believe these two exist,” the CBS fave shared. “Brother and sister. My oh my, the love I have for these two.”

The Big Three

Bowie was all smiles on his third birthday. Reflecting on the last three years, Thompson stated, “The love is immeasurable. He’s brings so much joy to people. He’s sweet. He’s emotional. He loves to laugh.” Not only that but Bowie “likes to share with [his] sister” and when he doesn’t, “he lets everyone know.” The actor also made one thing very clear, “There will be no bigger honor of my life, there is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for him. Our worlds forever changed three years ago.”

Ice Skating Adventure

It’s already apparent, from one of the previous pics, that Thompson is a hockey fan, so it only makes sense that he would teach his boy how to ice skate. “Sometimes you’ve got [to] let go,” he shared. “Doesn’t mean you won’t slip and tumble or slide. And it’s ok to use the boards to pull yourself up, as long as you get up. It’s about learning.”

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Happy Fifth

Pictured with his beautiful mama, Thompson sent his boy a big “Happy Birthday” and stated, “There hasn’t been a dull day since.”

Where Birthday Dreams Come True

“It’s a big world inside this little human,” Thompson shared. And for his sixth birthday, Bowie, “so full of energy, joy, big smiles, and fun,” wanted to spend his big day with his friend, sister, mom and dad at Universal Studios Hollywood, which ended up being “a day they will not forget.”

To see another photo of Bowie with his family, look through our photo gallery below of soap stars with their real-life kids.