Mariah, Tessa wedding close Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“This is one of those unfortunate mornings where I don’t drink coffee.”

Viewers recently witnessed the wedding of the year when The Young and the Restless fan fave couple Mariah and Tessa tied the knot. The actress who portrays one half of “Teriah,” Camryn Grimes, took everyone along for a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to get ready for the big event.

Though she doesn’t drink coffee, Grimes, along with her “trusty tea,” left her house and set out for the CBS studio to prep for the wedding scenes. When she arrived, and after a “hi sun, bye sun” message to the sky, the actress found her way into the hair and makeup chair where the camera fast-forwarded her into a gorgeous bride-to-be. “We are almost at go-time,” Grimes announced, now dressed in her wedding attire and ready to film. “Wish us luck.”

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The camera then panned over the Top of the Tower, as Grimes excitedly shared, “The big reveal, look at the set.” With Cait Fairbanks, the other half of “Teriah,” in the distance, Grimes got into character, a flower bouquet in hand, and whispered, “It’s happening guys, we’re about to film walking down the aisle. I’m excited!”

She then explained that this was the part of the day that’s “so close to lunch” and expressed how hungry she was and couldn’t wait to get out of her dress for a little bit to eat — since she hadn’t done so at all yet. She then showed Fairbanks during a photoshoot followed by a brief return after lunch before informing, “We’re halfway through the day.” While seated on a familiar red couch, Grimes shared, “I’ve retreated to the Abbott living room… I’m hiding, don’t tell anybody.”

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After the cameras were changed, she rejoined Fairbanks, who took a moment to use some breath spray before Grimes took it away… and just like that, the actress appeared outside the studio where the sun had now set and stated, “That is a wrap,” and panned to the parking lot to show that hers was “literally the last car.”

Now that we’ve taken an inside tour of the day, look back at Mariah and Tessa’s funky and fabulous wedding through our photo gallery below.