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The time and place are perfectly aligned… and she’d definitely win Sharon’s approval!

Noah returned to the Young & Restless canvas from his time in London in a total funk after being dumped by the bartender he’d fallen in love with overseas. Things only got worse when he realized he still had feelings for his ex — who was still in love with — and living with — his sister, to whom she soon became engaged to be married.

It’s been a rough road for the character, who has found himself saddled with the reputation of being a bit of a downer as a result of the near-constant moping.

Noah’s a sweetheart, but we’re past ready for him to be energized by a new love.

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Yes, it’s time for Young & Restless to light a fire under the handsome core character, and while the head writer has already teased that Noah will share an attraction to Abbott family newcomer, Allie, might there be someone else who could be factored into the equation? Every soap opera love story needs a good complication to make it interesting, so why not a love triangle?

Tessa’s sister Crystal just arrived on the scene and is acting as maid of honor at her wedding to Mariah… which is definitely the right place to cross paths with Noah. The timing would certainly be right as well, as he just told his father Nick that he’s left his feelings for her older sister in the past.

Might Noah be drawn to Crystal in the same way he was to Tessa? It’s possible… and she appears to be an absolute sweetie, who, with her troubles now behind her, may very well decide to stay in Genoa City.

A Noah/Crystal match would undoubtedly win the approval of his mother Sharon, who took the young woman under her wing and helped to rescue her from the sex ring being run by Zack Stinnet.

Crystal made it clear to Tessa that she’s looking for the kind of love she has found with Mariah, and wondered aloud if that kind of love might be out there for her. Her sister assured her she would find it. Might it be closer than either of them ever thought possible?

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Would you like to see a love connection happen at the wedding? Do you like the idea of Noah and Crystal falling for one another? Would you like to see Noah in a love triangle? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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