Summer is back in Genoa City YR
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Summer meets the latest member of the Abbott family.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of May 16 – 20, Kyle’s wife returns home just in time. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Coming to the Abbott’s to meet Kyle, Diane was floored when the entire family confronted her. Diane swore all she wanted was a chance to prove to Kyle that she had changed, and to earn his forgiveness. Kyle was unsure he could let Diane back in his life and told her that he needed to return to Milan to confer with his wife.

After Diane left, Allie appeared on her grandfather’s doorstep and Jack was eager to introduce Keemo’s daughter to the family. They welcomed her with open arms, and even insisted they stay at the house.

Meanwhile, with Tessa and Mariah’s wedding quickly approaching, they convinced Kyle to stay in town a little longer to officiate their nuptials.

Next week, Summer (now played by Allison Lanier) returns to town just in time for the wedding, as well as meets the latest member of the family. As she makes her way into the Abbott mansion with her suitcase she says, “You must be Allie!” and introduces herself as Kyle’s wife.

Elsewhere, Tessa and Mariah’s groovy, seventies-inspired wedding gets underway. Amanda laughs, “I’m really digging this 70s vibe” as she takes in the atmosphere. Devon agrees, “Yeah, Noah really knew what he was doing.” Elena chimes in, “Yes, someone understood the assignment — look at this place!”

As the big event gets underway, Faith gathers everyone’s attention and announces, “Everyone please take a seat so we can celebrate our super funky couple and lift them up with the power of our love.”

What do you think Teriah fans, will this wedding go off without a hitch? And how will Summer react to meeting Diane?

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Video: SummernKyle/Twitter