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If looks could kill, Diane would be dead again.

To put it mildly, The Young and the Restless’ Diane hasn’t been welcomed back to the land of the living with open arms. In fact, most Genoa City residents would be only too happy to show her to the revolving door and send her back to the grave. But not one: Michael.

In the May 11 episode (recapped in full here), once he got over the shock of seeing the dead woman sipping a martini, he admitted that he was glad that she still had a pulse. And he, perhaps more than most people, understood what she was up against, coming back changed for the better and finding that absolutely no one believed her. Longtime viewers will recall that he faced a similarly uphill battle when he got sprung from prison after sexually harassing and ultimately assaulting Christine.

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“Shall we drink to my health?”

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But what we saw in Michael and Diane’s scenes was more than kindred spirits, one of whom was walking the bumpy trail that the other had blazed — it was trouble. Clearly, the twosome get each other. In some ways, Diane might even get Michael more than his wife does. And should Lauren’s concerns over his work for Victor intensify — and can you imagine them not? — Michael could find himself confiding in and leaning on Diane, who understands all too well the allure of power.

Was that what Phyllis was thinking when she eyeballed Michael and Diane looking cozy over cocktails? Probably not — not exactly. When she sees Diane, she simply sees red. But she’s shrewd enough and suspicious enough to know that no good can possibly come of her dear friend spending time, much less quality time, with her worst enemy. And she’s keenly aware that Diane has no issues whatsoever with going after another woman’s man.

Phyllis faces Diane YR

Phyllis’ reaction to Diane’s resurrection can be summed up in one word: ugh.

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So our bet is that Phyllis will first try to warn off Michael from sharing so much as a bar tab with the lady Lazarus. When he chuckles that he’s a big boy and can take care of himself, Phyllis might sound the alarm to Lauren. What could she do, though? She trusts her husband. But is he immune to Diane’s charms? If she embraces the darker tendencies that would worry his missus, does she become, in Michael’s eyes, more than a friend, one that should have benefits? On your way to the comments to answer…

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