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Kyle’s wife might have looked very different!

Fans of The Young & the Restless were in for quite a shock when the show announced that Summer would soon be joining Kyle in Genoa City — but longtime portrayer Hunter King would not! But imagine how that shock would have been if we’d also learned that a familiar daytime face would be taking over the role!

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That’s what could have happened, daytime alum Kristen Alderson revealed on Soap Opera Digest‘s podcast. It turns out, working on Young & Restless has long been a dream of the actress who got her daytime start as One Life to Live‘s Starr before bringing the character to General Hospital — and then creating the role of Kiki during a kerfuffle over Starr’s rights.

“So, I auditioned for Summer for The Young and the Restless,” the actress revealed. “I got really excited about it. I totally sent them a video talking about how I had a huge crush on Victor Newman growing up.”

(Side note: if Alderson had a thing for Victor, boy have we got a photo for her!)

We’re pretty sure there are a ton of fans out there who can relate! Well, the auditioning for a role part might be unique to Alderson, but not the crush on Victor. Alas, she didn’t get the role as instead, of course, it ended up going to Allison Lanier.

The show, though, did get back to Alderson and thanked her, but said they were trying to find an actress who looked as close to King as possible. That was fair, Alderson admitted, “we do look very different.” But that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on her dream!

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This pic could have been giving us a preview of Summer with her Aunt Abby!

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“I just really want to have a scene with Victor Newman one day,” Alderson exclaimed. “That’s one of my bucket list things. Even if it’s like a ‘What If?’ sort of scene. I don’t care. I just want to work with Victor Newman one day. But yeah, Young & Restless would be awesome.”

Fingers crossed her dream comes true some day and we get to see Alderson mixing it up with the crème de la crème of Genoa City! What do you think? If Summer is out, who should Alderson play on Young & Restless?

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