Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

It’s odd. But we can kinda see it maybe, just maybe, working.

The last thing on the mind of The Young and the Restless’ Sharon is romance. Having just lost husband Rey, if she wants to think about love at all, it’s the love that daughter Mariah shares with fiancée Tessa and will soon solidify at their wedding. But, being savvy soap viewers, we’re keenly aware that once Sharon emerges from her grief, Cupid will again take aim.

She is, after all, one of his favorite targets.

We even think we may have stumbled upon the man that the soap has in mind for the new widow. Sharon Case, who plays the heroine, tells Soap Opera Digest that after her character learns that Ashland made a huge, honking donation to New Hope, she has, let’s say, a reaction.

“Sharon fought cancer and won,” the Emmy winner notes. “Ashland faked his, which is unforgivable. So she definitely has an opinion about his contribution.”

And, no doubt, about Ashland himself. The words “not a fan” come to mind. But here’s the thing about Sharon. She has a long history of being drawn to guys who are — and we’re being generous here — complicated.

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Late love Brad hatched as many schemes as a chicken does eggs. Even after Adam stole Faith and gave the baby away to Ashley, Sharon couldn’t altogether quit him. And don’t even get us started on her ill-advised marriage to sometime father-in-law Victor — like Ashland, an older man whose presence can’t be underestimated.


Plus, not only could Young & Restless justify hate softening into like and down the line love for Sharon and Ashland, it would set up a helluva conflict with her occasional sister-in-law, Victoria. Ashland’s estranged wife wants to want nothing do with him, but she’s having trouble convincing her broken heart to get on board with her head.

If Sharon and Ashland were to forge a tentative friendship, one with the potential to turn into more, it might ironically solidify Victoria’s feelings about her lying “better half” just in time for a new love triangle to be formed. Or maybe even a quadrangle, considering that Adam would surely have a reaction to Sharon connecting with his treacherous brother-in-law!

What do you think? Could you see the show going there? Or would Sharon and Ashland end up in the below photo gallery, a rundown of couples our soaps forced on us, whether we liked ’em or not?