Adam wants Newman Enterprises YR
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Jack introduces his granddaughter to the family.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of May 9 – 13, find out Adam’s big decision by reading what happens and watch the preview below.

After what she had been through, Victor asked Victoria to consider keeping Adam on as co-CEO, but she refused. Victoria had other ideas and asked Nikki to join her as co-CEO. When she revealed this news to Adam, he weighed whether to leave his family’s business or stay and fight for what he had been accomplishing. This week, Adam makes it clear to Sally that he wants every single bit of Newman Enterprises. It looks like it’s going to be another all-out war between the Newman siblings over the company.

Allie finally arrives in Genoa City, and Jack introduces Keemo’s daughter and his granddaughter to Kyle, Billy, Traci, Ashley, and Abby. But how will she feel when she learns Diane is also in town?

After meeting his mother, Kyle was even more livid to learn Diane had been following him online for years, and she cried the only thing she could have offered him then was a life on the run. She was toxic then and explained she had to hit bottom in order to rebuild her life for the better, to be someone worthy of being his mother. She hoped one day he’d forgive her. He did agree to keep an open mind and asked her not to go back to LA, but later began to wonder if that was the right move.

After a huge confrontation with the Abbotts, someone comes face to face with Diane. With his head in his hands, Michael tells Diane, “You were dead.” She responds, “And now I’m not.” He admits it’s pretty good to see her. Given her nightmare of Jack and Kyle having her arrested for abandonment, a lawyer on her side could come in handy for Diane.

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