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Instead of getting what she deserves, is Diane actually going to get what she wants?

At the moment, The Young and the Restless’ Diane looks like the only person unlikelier than Victor to be invited to an Abbott family breakfast. Jack is disgusted by his ex-lover, and Kyle’s hurt at being reunited with the mother who abandoned him over and over again is palpable. But, as the saying goes, time heals all wounds… maybe even these?

Though things will soon go from bad to worse for Diane — here’s how — headwriter Josh Griffith tells Soap Opera Digest that Kyle “will begin to try to accept her and maybe have her back in his life. It’ll be a difficult road for him and even more difficult because Summer has to deal with the fact that Phyllis just wants to bury this woman.” (Meet the new Summer here.)

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Pictures from the past… or hints about the future?

Credit: Aaron Montgomery/JPI (3)

While the odds of Phyllis ever thawing toward Diane are right up there with Victor shaving his mustache or Sharon having a bad hair day, Kyle’s softening toward Mommie Dearest may have an unthinkable effect on his dad. “As Jack sees Kyle, little by little, forgiving Diane,” says Griffith, “does that open up the possibility that Jack could forgive her, too?”

And if he does, how would that impact his relationship with Phyllis? As the former marrieds spend more and more time together, perhaps unwittingly flirting anew with the idea of reuniting, we can only imagine that any slack Jack cuts Diane would send Red through the roof. Then — as if we haven’t already seen the signs — the women’s cold war would turn red-hot.

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