Mishael Morgan, Michelle Stafford game Y&R
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It’s so fun seeing these Genoa City stars out of character… and now we know how Keto desserts are like “handsome, charming men.”

Young & Restless’ Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) teamed with the “other” Mishael — Morgan (Amanda) — for her latest compelling installment of Does It Taste Like Ass? The star played the game with other co-stars in the past, such as Ameila Heinle (Victoria).

How does it work? Michelle and Mishael, who play besties on the soap, each try various healthy food alternatives and rate them as to whether they are good or taste like ass.

So, what kind of items were on trial? Cauliflower chips, coconut whipped cream, and a plant-based cheese to name just a few. There was also a Keto version of tiramisu, which prompted Stafford to share her analogy that Keto desserts are like “handsome, charming men.”

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Morgan scanned some of the items with an app on her phone to get the lowdown on whether or not these so-called health foods were actually good for you!

In some cases, the verdicts may surprise you — others seem fairly predictable — but the whole video is fun (and informative!). As more than one follower noted, it’s cool to see the ladies interacting as themselves and not their Young & Restless characters.

Hit the arrow on the post to watch it for yourself and find out what went down and why Morgan had to go it alone at one point:

Have you tried any of these foods yourself? Do you agree with Stafford and Morgan’s take on them? Let us know in the comment section.

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