Kyle demands answers from Diane YR
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Diane can’t believe it when she’s arrested.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of May 2 – 6, find out why Diane is arrested by reading what happens and watch the preview below.

Kyle and Harrison returned to Genoa City for a visit, and Jack told him about Keemo, the mysterious texts, and meeting his granddaughter Allie. He hopes that Allie will soon come to Genoa City to meet Kyle and Harrison, but then he broke the bigger news. Jack revealed the person behind the texts was Kyle’s mother, Diane.

Kyle was stunned as his mother was dead, but Jack revealed she faked her murder and let everyone believe she was dead. However, her reaching out to Jack was her way of trying to convince him to help her reconnect with Kyle. Jack left the choice up to Kyle, and he decided to hear his mother out because if he didn’t, he may regret it for the rest of his life.

Kyle comes face to face with his mother this week and wants to know why she faked her death when he was a kid. He asks what possible excuse could she have that would justify what she did? While we don’t hear her answer, she insists she never stopped loving him. With tears in his eyes, Kyle wonders what his mother wants from him. “Forgiveness,” is what Diane answers.

However, it doesn’t seem she’s going to get that, as she’s stunned when Jack and the cops arrive later in the teaser video. Kyle demands they arrest her, and asks what she did. Jack drops the bomb, “We are charging you with abandonment!”

How do you think Diane will react to her son turning on her? Will she accept it given her actions, or pull some twisted moves out of her old playbook?

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