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She gets it. But can she get on board with it? That is the question.

Longtime fans of The Young and the Restless know all too well that Michael Baldwin wasn’t always the good guy that he is today. In fact, when spoke with portrayer Christian Jules LeBlanc not long ago, he suggested that “it would be interesting to see how the mistakes from his past could impact or even threaten to destroy his future.

“How would he cope? How would Lauren cope?” he added. “How would they, as a couple, face the challenge?”

We may be about to find out. Michael’s dark side appears to be coming to the fore once again, thanks to two characters who can be equally shady. “There’s a part of him that really enjoys being Victor’s fixer,” headwriter Josh Griffith tells Soap Opera Digest. He “likes that power and intrigue, and because he was thrown into a Peruvian jail courtesy of Ashland, it’s become personal now.”

That puts Victoria’s estranged husband squarely in Michael’s crosshairs and Lauren in a most difficult position. She “is caught between her concern for her husband and how she understand his need to right this wrong,” Griffith says. Will they weather the storm? That may all depend on just how dark Michael gets.

Recall how dark Michael is capable of getting by reviewing his whole life story in the below photo gallery.