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Will the Newman family ever be whole?

It looks like the Newman clan’s short-lived unity is about to be put to the test on The Young and the Restless. But then, did we really expect anything else? This time, though, the conflict promises to be a bit different from anything we’ve ever seen!

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According to the May Sweeps preview in the latest Soap Opera Digest, Nikki’s going to be stepping up her corporate game when Victoria moves her from COO of Ashland-Locke to co-CEO. Though Nikki doesn’t often step into the top position, she has run Jabot before and stepped in as the temporary CEO of Newman.

“Nikki,” headwriter Josh Griffith promised Digest, “will rise 100 percent to the challenge of this new position.”

With that said, the latest move is sure to tick off of some folks — chief among them Adam! There’s never been any love lost between Adam and his stepmom. Usually, it tends to have more to do with how Adam constantly blows up Nikki’s family.

This time, though, it would be different. It’s not personal, it’s business. Actually, come to think of it, when it comes to Adam, business is personal! How could it not be when he always feels like he has to fight for his role in the family company while his siblings just get handed whatever they want.

Adam has been working his butt off to play nice with his family. He even tried his, admittedly unconventional and extremely costly, best to help get Ashland away from Victoria. So for her to turn around and name her mom as co-CEO and slight Adam yet again is sure to sting.

And that’s exactly what Griffith has in mind.

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We have a feeling Adam could be the Newman’s #1 enemy once more if he decides to go after Nikki!

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“Adam is going to feel that once again he’s been overlooked,” he promised. “This will bring Nick more into the conflict because Nick knows that when Adam is a wounded animal, he’s at his most dangerous.”

If Adam could undermine Nikki enough, maybe, just maybe he could get her removed and take her place. After all, he’d probably be better off working with his sister than the woman who’s always seen him as a reminder of Victor’s wandering eye.

Then again, Adam may be a dangerous, wounded animal, but Nikki’s been in rare form lately as she’s taken on Ashland and Diane. She rarely gets down in the mud like Victor and his kids (well, except for that time she was literally in the mud fighting Diane), but if Adam comes for her, we’re sure she’d come right back at him. And if it came to a head-to-head between her and Adam, all bets are off.

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