THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, from left: Tricia Cast, Michael Corbett, 1990, 1973-
Credit: CBS /Courtesy of Everett Collection.

Is David Kimble plotting out there somewhere, his revenge?

The last time Young and Restless fans saw David Kimble was in 1991, when an encounter with a trash compactor brought the charismatic villain’s reign of terror to a rather unique end. Or did it?  Michael Corbett, and viewers, know that “they never found the body,” so we thought it would be fun to speculate with the actor on what David would be up to if he was still alive today, perhaps plotting a return to Genoa City…

Nancy Lee Grahn, Michael Corbett, Genie Francis at arrivals for 48th Daytime Emmy Awards Press Line Part 2 - SUN, ATI Studios, Burbank, CA June 13, 2021. Photo By: Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection

Seeing this pic from last year’s Daytime Emmys has us realizing Corbett would be a great fit on the General Hospital canvas… maybe a Laura’s assistant who takes a shine to Alexis?

Credit: Priscilla Grant, Courtesy of the Everett Collection

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Recalling that David “had all this horrible plastic surgery,” Corbett believes that over the years, “he got that fixed and looks normal again.” So physically, we would recognize one of soaps’ greatest baddies, but who knows what stewing upon the wrongs done him have done to David on an emotional level. “I think he has been brewing and plotting all along to find a way to come back and take what was rightfully his — to get back at his ex-wife and that whole fortune with Nina.”

The Life After Death executive producer is completely game to returning to the role because “it’s like just going back and playing with friends” and “there are a lot of interesting ways to go” with David. Even though the character was deliciously despicable, the actor has more compassion for David because he “never looked at him as being the villain. Corbett believes there always has to be a thread of humanity when playing a character like David because he’s really a “nice guy” at heart doing “horrible things.”

“As a villain, you always have to justify what you are doing. You can never go in thinking, ‘I’m going to play this as a villain.’ You go in thinking, ‘I have a reason to do this.’ I’ve always played it as he’s completely justified,” he explains. “You always have to have a rationale for why your character is doing bad things.” And that’s exactly what made him the character viewers loved to hate (instead of just outright hating him). So, maybe this a way to get David Kimble to rise out of the ash… er… the trash to return to Genoa City.

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