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Mariah has an important request of Kyle.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of May 2 – 6, Chance has important news for Victor and Abby. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Chance tells Victor, with Abby standing next to her grandfather, that he’s glad he came by because there is something he needs to know. Could this have to do with Rey’s tragic death via a heart attack, or is there something else on his mind?

After Kyle and Harrison returned to Genoa City, Jack broke the news to Kye about Diane. He was stunned to learn that his mother faked her murder and death, and let him grow up without her. Jack revealed Diane wanted to see him, but that was Kyle’s choice alone. After some soul searching, and a talk with Traci, he decided he had to hear his mother’s side of the story. If he didn’t, he feared he’d regret it for the rest of his life.

Next week, after Kyle comes face to face with Diane, Mariah tells Kyle that she and Tessa are getting married on May 13. She asks Kyle to please say he’ll still be in town. However, after meeting his mother, Kyle may want to high-tail it back to Italy.

Victor and Nikki were furious that Ashland was still in town, and when Nikki confronted him, he told her that he loved Victoria and wasn’t going anywhere. Later Ashland faced Victoria and hoped one day she could forgive him. Though she told him he doesn’t get to hope for that, she admitted she still loved him in spite of everything he’s done. Next week Billy asks the million-dollar question of his ex, is Ashland Locke still in her life?

What do you think fans? Should Victoria give Ashland a second chance, or kick him to the curb?

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