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It could get even darker for the new widow before she sees the light again.

There are no two ways about it: Life is going to go on for The Young and the Restless’ Sharon even now that she’ll be spending that life without husband No. 6 Rey. The question is, how? And in what direction will it take her? “I think it’s going to be a turning point in her life,” portrayer Sharon Case tells Michael Fairman TV, adding, “I would love to see her make a change in her life.

“I was speculating that she could be in the grieving process for a while, and maybe she tries to pull herself out of it, but in trying to be too strong, maybe she ends up going off of her meds or becoming a drug addict…  When people go through this kind of loss and grief, you don’t know… whether they’ll pull right out of it and make a big, strong change in their life or if they’ll spiral downward for a little while longer.”

Sharon, Rey kiss Y&R

A kiss is just a kiss… unless it’s the goodbye kind.

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In the Emmy winner’s ideal scenario, her Genoa City alter ego does both. “Let’s say Sharon decides to propel her life forward in some really strong business pursuit and re-identifies herself as this stronger person in whatever it is she’s doing… ” she suggests. At the same time as she’s doing that, giving it all of her focus, she is grieving, which “causes her to maybe start using drugs to cope with maintaining that strength. 

“Not all people who struggle with grief end up on substances,” she continues. “Sometimes the substances are not overwhelming, they’re a crutch. Sometimes these people can be functioning users. I think that would be an interesting way to go rather than every time someone has something go wrong, their whole life is overcome by this. Walking a line, and struggling to function, and seeing how they’re managing to function and what they’re doing, that would be a story that I would love to see for her.”

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