Restless Rant
Week of December 21 – 25:

There were only four episodes of The Young and the Restless this week, but there was plenty of drama happening! I’ll touch on the points that gave me pause for thought – here goes:

Daisy Drama: I cannot imagine how Daisy could be more like Lauren in appearance or attitude – does anyone else think it’s possible that she is somehow Lauren’s offspring? If not, it’s a missed opportunity. As for Daisy and Ryder scheming and being observed in an embrace by the already suspicious Eden – two things – first, I believe that they are, or think they are, siblings (it wasn’t a romantic hug), and second, methinks Eden is headed for trouble – she’s messing with the wrong fam damily! Worth mentioning – it was nice that Kevin came to his senses for a mo’ and chose to spend the holidays with the brother he knows and loves – Michael.

Billy Boy Blues: Well, our beloved Billy has really and truly hit the skids – roaming around town drinking out of a brown paper bag, okay, thermos, and paying uncomfortable, inebriated visits to his little girl! Yuck! Who’s ready for Billy’s epiphany? I am! By the way, I laughed out loud at the scene in Restless Style where Chloe smacked Billy’s cheek and said, “Look at that mean Billy Boss face!” Too fun!

Boy these two really get around – and I mean that in a good way! Having them working at the Christmas tree lot for charity was an inspired way to bring together all sorts of combinations of Genoa City denizens! I love impromptu meetings between characters, and I love seeing Katherine and Murphy on a regular basis!

Glo By Jabot: That glow that Gloria was sporting at the tree lot was from laying eyes on Tucker! Jill had a little glow, okay, a slow burn, going too! I’m really into the combination of Jill and Tucker as played by William Russ – they’re one of my favorite things about the show right now. Subsequently, I’m worried about how the Stephen Nichols recast is going to be for me. Anyone else?

JT/Mac/Victoria: Interesting how I write it like that, isn’t it? With a decision coming up about the Helstrom/Newman marriage, I can’t help but wonder if all this ‘confiding’ between JT and Mac is going to lead somewhere. I hope not.

Phyllis Confronts Jack:
I really didn’t get the reason behind this confrontation at all. It seemed kind of trumped up. At least it gave Jack something else to do besides slobber all over Emily and engage in totally cheesy scenarios like caroling! He’s been so fixated on Emily this week he actually scared me a little with the intensity of some of his ‘significant looks’! Yowza!

Neil and Ashley:
This was an interesting development! Neil helping Ashley with a tree, inviting her to Christmas at his place, Lily and Ash bonding over the baby… Could they really be going down that road? Neil and Ashley… It reminds me a little of how he once got together with Victoria. On paper they seem to make a good match, but onscreen they might be dullsville. Certainly it would be interesting to see Victor’s reaction! Thoughts?

Under the Weather: So Lily is actually sick enough that she asked to be taken to the hospital – that can’t be good. It seems my prediction that she’ll have to fight for her life while Cane and Mac bond over the pregnancy might still come true. Who is looking forward to seeing NuMalcolm? He’ll show up in town next week.