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The aftershocks of Rey’s death may go far beyond the most obvious.

Young & Restless’ Abby and Chance have worked hard to overcome the obstacles they faced when he returned from the traumatizing mission in Spain — and their great love for one another has been key — but there’s still an issue… and it’s not a small one.

Despite time and therapy, Chance recently confided in his late partner Rey, that he still doesn’t feel the connection he’d hoped for with Dominic, who is the biological son of Abby and Devon. Rey, of course, said he was able to relate given that he was a stepfather to Sharon’s kids but always felt a little out of the loop, especially when Nick was around.

Rey bonded with Chelsea’s son Connor in a way that seemed to fulfill him and Chelsea developed a crush on Rey, in no small part due to his connection with her son . In fact, many viewers thought a Chelsea/Rey/Sharon triangle was in the cards as a result — that is, until the detective’s untimely death.

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In an interesting twist, on the night of the accident, as Chelsea, Sharon and Connor waited for news at Crimson Lights, his partner Chance spent time keeping the boy distracted by regaling him with hockey stories.

Nothing happens without a reason on soaps, so it wasn’t lost on viewers that Chance effortlessly bonded with Chelsea’s son in much the same way Rey had — and with no sign of the difficulties he’s experienced trying to create a sense of closeness with Dom.

Chelsea will have noticed too, which could spell “love triangle” down the road.

With Rey having been killed off abruptly and the potential for a romance between him and Adam’s ex being lost, might his partner step into a similar storyline with the lonely ex-con artist?

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It sure seemed as though Young & Restless was setting up to continue Chelsea and Rey’s story with Chance — which is bad news for Abby, who is perpetually unlucky in love!

As Chance mourns his partner and pal, and Chelsea grieves for the man who became a trusted friend under the most unlikely of circumstances, it makes sense that they would be drawn together… and that Connor might seek to spend more time with Chance, who appears to be the perfect person to fill the void left by Rey.

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Given the limited options for the Chelsea’s character, and Abby and Chance’s lack of story, it’s a good bet that Young & Restless will go down this road. What do you think? Share your take in the comments.

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