Kyle learns Diane alive YR
Credit: CBS screenshot

Kyle’s world is turned upside down by Jack’s news.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 25 – 29, Jack leaves Kyle stunned. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

After checking into The Grand Phoenix under an alias, Phyllis quickly busted Diane. Diane had the audacity to admit she chose the hotel knowing Phyllis owned it. Phyllis was furious with her, but not half as much as Jack was to learn Diane disregarded him and came to town anyways. He knew she was forcing his hand in telling their son she was alive, and Phyllis stood by Jack knowing this would affect her daughter as well.

Not only does Jack tell Nikki that Diane is alive in an earlier teaser video, but in the latest promo, he breaks the news to Kyle. He knows it will turn Kyle’s world upside down. Kyle arrives home to Genoa City, without Summer, and Jack sits him down to break the news.

At first, Kyle is in disbelief as his mother was murdered when he was a child. Jack explains she faked her death. Kyle turns to Traci and can’t believe his mother would let him believe she was dead. With tears in his eyes, Kyle doesn’t know what he should do.

What do you think fans, will Kyle agree to meet with his mother? And if so, will he accept her, or reject Diane for the pain she put him through when he was a child?

Video: Young & Restless/YouTube

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