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The key, she shared, is dedication.

On April 23, Courtney Hope told her Instagram followers that she had “been on my workout grind more and more lately, and it feels so good to be consistent again!”

The Young & Restless leading lady then admitted that — and who among us can’t relate to this? — sometimes it all that ain’t easy getting up and getting going. But “I saw somewhere where it was said ‘dedication over inspiration.’ That resonated with me harder than I expected,” Hope noted, “and it’s so true.

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“Some days, I’m just not motivated or inspired,” she added, “but I know my goals are important to me, so I choose to get up, anyway!”

Whether you call it a philosophy, a motto or a mantra, “dedication over inspiration” can come in handy in situations other than trying to work up the energy to get your sweat on. “This can apply to anything in life,” said Sally’s portrayer. “In the end, I always feel better and stronger.”

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With that, the actress added another goal to her list. “One thing I want to add to my routine: more stretching!” she shared. “Saying it out loud to hold myself accountable.”

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