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“It was a little shocking… ” 

Even as his on-screen better half was absorbing the news that Rey had been killed in a car accident, The Young and the Restless’ Jordi Vilasuso and his real-life wife, Kaitlin were discussing the turn of events on their podcast, Making It Work. 

“Bye-bye, Rey Rosales,” he sighed, adding that his time on the show had been “so much fun and what a great experience.”

Of course, like fans, the couple was still dealing with what had unfolded on screen. “I was actually looking through Twitter today,” admitted Kaitlin, adding that she had “thoughts” on the storyline. “And it was nice to hear some of those thoughts echoed. Because it was a little shocking… if you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil it.”

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With the equivalent of a verbal shrug, she conceded that “it was what it was. But it’s really nice that people are saying, ‘Rey deserved better than that! Sweet Rey.”

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of Rey’s death was that it took place entirely off camera, with viewers only learning after the fact that he’d perished in the same accident which had injured Victoria and Ashland. The timing also seemed odd, as it had appeared that the show was heading toward a Sharon/Rey/Chelsea triangle.

Despite how things ultimately went down, Vilasuso clearly has no animus toward the show, repeatedly expressing his gratitude toward everyone, saying he had received “a lot of love from the cast.” Of particular note was a phone call he received from Peter Bergman (Jack). “He was so encouraging, it was beautiful what he said. He was sorry that he couldn’t say goodbye [in person]. And we hardly worked together, because Jack and Rey rarely crossed paths.”

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At the end of the day, the actor was looking forward to what might be next even as he was grateful for what had been. “Thanks for the memories and the experience,” he said sincerely.

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