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Every time we think son Caden can’t get any cuter…

If you know anything about us at all, you know we love nothing more than adorable kids. While we’re not sure exactly what it is about them that leaves us unable to do anything but gush, we take at least a little comfort in knowing we’re not the only ones.

Need proof that we (and, given that you’re reading this story, likely you) aren’t alone? Look no further than the comments left by friends, fans and co-stars when Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, The Young and the Restless) posted to Instagram a photo of her beyond-adorable son Caden, looking cuter than should be legal and, we might add, better dressed than us on our best day!

You could almost see Alicia Minshew — who played Kendall opposite Egan’s Annie during their All My Children days — grinning from ear to ear while reading her comment: “Stop. It. Now!” And Sofia Pernas (ex-Marisa, Young & Restless) summed up our reaction perfectly: “Oh, c’mon,” she commented. “This is Ridiculous! Too. Freaking. Cute.”

Of course, followers of Egan’s social media have been cooing over Caden pretty much since his arrival last August. For example, look at the Instagram post below. Sure, the actress was wishing hubby Matt Katrosar a happy birthday, but it feels safe to say their son stole the spotlight.

Young & Restless viewers may recall that Katrosar put in several guest appearances on the soap toward the end of 2020, first as Chelsea’s kidnapper and later as an EMT. Despite having the good looks of a soap star, Egan later told us with a laugh that her hubby would be “retiring before he has to get his [Screen Actors Guild] card and this winds up costing us money!”

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