Kyle returns to Genoa City YR
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Mariah has an important question to ask Nick.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 25 – 29, Jack reveals the truth about Diane to Nikki. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

In light of Rey’s horrific death, many in Genoa City cope with the fragility of life, and how to move forward. Next week Mariah tells Nick that he’s been an amazing person in her life, and loved her like a daughter. She knows what an amazing father he was to her late sister, so she asks if he’d walk her down the aisle.

After revealing Diane was alive to his family, Jack confided in Traci that he worried Diane would try and get Kyle over to seeing her side of things, and the boy would accept her back into his life. He did hope that when Kyle returned to town, Allie would come for a visit in order to get to know both him and Harrison. In a preview of what’s to come, Kyle is back and tries to open up to Traci, but he doesn’t know where to begin.

Finally, Phyllis confronted Diane, who checked into her hotel, and warned her that when people find out about her and that she’s in town, it will get ugly. She later told a furious Jack that Diane was back in Genoa City. Coming up, Jack meets with Nikki and tells her that Diane is alive, well, and in town.

What do you think Kyle is concerned about and wants to tell Traci? Is it about his mother Diane, or could there be trouble with Summer?

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