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Feelings don’t get much more mixed than the ones she’s about to have.

For the longest time, we’ve seen The Young and the Restless’ Nikki play peacemaker for her family, worrying over their travails and offering sage advice, whether anyone ever listens. But her feisty, fiery side is about to take another turn in the spotlight, thanks to the unexpected comeback of Victor’s ex-wife, Diane.

“On one hand, Nikki will be, ‘Oh, thank God I never killed her,'” headwriter Josh Griffith tells Soap Opera Digest, “but on the other hand, [she’ll be like,] ‘Now I want to kill her!'”

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Pretty sure “Diane back, alive and well” was not on Nikki’s Christmas wish list.

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She won’t do that, mind you. Instead, the show is going to take its time letting the estimable Melody Thomas Scott and Susan Walters amp up the tension between the adversaries that they play. “We’re doing a slow simmer on that side that will be building,” says Griffith, “because we have two great players in Susan and Mel that will make this all fantastic.”

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So although Diane’s immediate impact will hit the Abbotts first — and hardest — her resurrection will also have a ripple effect on the Newmans. You’ll recall that besides twice marrying Victor, during General Hospital MVP Maura West’s stint in the role, the villainess had a fling with Nick and conspired with Adam.

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West’s Diane has a torrid history with Nick.

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“That’s the great thing about Susan — her Diane has so much history with the Abbotts and the Newmans,” says Griffth. “Victor will have some choice words for Diane when he finds out she’s alive.” Can’t wait to hear ’em — and what Nikki has to say!

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