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Nobody expected it to be easy, right?

When The Young and the Restless’ Peter Bergman and Susan Walters recently stopped by The Talk, he was quick to share his excitement at learning that Jack’s old flame Diane was being reheated. Upon hearing the news, “I said [to the powers that be], ‘I’m gonna cry. This is fantastic. This is a brilliant idea.”

Since Walters hadn’t been playing Diane at the time of her “death,” she couldn’t figure out at first why she’d felt compelled to fake it. “Was it just sassy Diane stuff” that she’d done, she wondered. “Then they wrote me an email of all the things she did.

“It’s a very long email,” she added with a laugh.

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Since rising from the grave, Diane has seemed to have a new attitude — by necessity. As Walters explained in character, “I’m just trying to redeem myself right now so I can get back to being sassy Diane. I do think that she’s made horrible mistakes and feels horrible about them and is truly trying to make amends.”

However, the vixen isn’t about to start accessorizing with a halo. “I don’t think that means she’s had a personality swap with anybody totally nice,” Walters said.

As for what’s to come, Bergman hinted that Jack is likely to butt heads with his and Diane’s son, Kyle. “He and I are probably not gonna see eye to eye on the best way to handle this thing” with Mommie Dearest returning to the land of the living. “I think there’s gonna be a lot of tension there.”

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