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Jack intends to break it to Kyle that his mother’s alive. But… um… how?

On second thought, The Young and the Restless’ Jack may have been better off letting Diane herself announce to their son that she’d come back from the dead. Because really, how on earth is Jack going to do it? And why does Diane think that it will be better coming from him?

Any way you slice it, Jack will be explaining that “the ultimate bad girl” faked her death and let her little boy grow up without her, missing all three of his weddings and the addition of little Harrison to his family tree.

That’s not going to go well.

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Even if Jack were to plead Diane’s case for her, how would he do so? How could he? “Look, Kyle, I think she’s sincerely sorry for all the pain she caused. She bought my really-dead and not merely ‘dead-dead’ son’s house just to freak out your newly discovered niece by cozying up to her so she’d give me a chance.

“Doesn’t that scream ‘sincere’ to you?”

It sounds more to us like a comedy than a drama. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to see Jack try to make sense of this nonsense — and to find out how Kyle responds. “Oh, OK, cool. As long as she’s remorseful, Dad. And hey, there’s an upside to my mommy issues: That affair I had with Tara is how we got Harrison. So the rest? Bygones.”

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