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It may even make less than no sense. Is there such a thing?

Recently, we’ve talked often about the number of decisions that The Young and the Restless has made that have left us facepalming. We’ve talked about it more often than we’d have liked to have been inspired to. We even put together a whole photo gallery of the show’s most befuddling recent moves. (Review the growing list here.)

It has not helped. Nope, Young & Restless just keeps pointing in directions that defy logic, as if making sense was about as likely as Victor Newman shaving his iconic mustache. The latest twist that left viewers, us along with ’em, going, “WTH?” Noah’s involvement in Mariah and Tessa’s wedding planning.

Of all the people you’d want nowhere near those nuptials, it would have to be the guy who’s already confessed that he’s still stuck on his half sister’s fiancée, right? Yet he’s been so involved that at this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if he wound up being the officiant!

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“A Silly String quartet? We’d never have thought of that, Noah!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The “writers really want us to believe that Noah is a better wedding planner than Tessa and Mariah,” scoffed Synthi103 on Twitter. “It’s getting annoying. Let them plan their own wedding, for God’s sake.”

Mrs. J pointed out that the fault lies neither with the appealing Rory Gibson nor Nick and Sharon’s mopey son. “The show’s writers need to do better by this actor and the character he plays. They are both much better and more interesting than the current storyline is permitting.”

Viewer FridayInCanada allowed that “a nontraditional wedding is perfect for Mariah and Tessa. But why, oh why must Noah be the one making all the suggestions and plans? Both Mariah and Tessa are creative types.”


Another fan named Sydney summed up the situation thusly: “It’s completely embarrassing writing to have Noah continue to make all of Teriah’s decisions. Now deciding their wedding theme? I don’t know if it comes from passive-aggressive homophobia, sexism or spite, but the obsession with having him do this is truly embarrassing for the writers.”

The Crimson Lights Puppet reenacted a key scene, holding nothing back. See below.

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