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Might there be unfinished business for the Emmy winner in Salem?

If you listened to the second episode of Jordi Vilasuso and wife Kaitlin’s Making It Work podcast, you know that the parents of two are trying to remain upbeat after he was let go from The Young and Restless. “We’ve been here before,” notes the soap vet, who won an Emmy for his work as baby-faced mobster Tony on Guiding Light.

In fact, they were here only a few years ago, when in 2017 Days of Our Lives dropped Vilasuso from his role of Dario. “Days in particular was really hard for us to go through,” he admits.

Dario made the mistake of trying to stop the runaway train that is “Chabby.”

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His wife of a decade concurs. What with the character’s obsession with Abigail, who insisted that she would never return his feelings, right “from the beginning… poor guy. That was a little bit rough.”

As far as the couple knows, Dario’s still “in the woods somewhere,” laughs Mrs. V, adding, “He deserves to be a stud somehow.”

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Since the con artist was only written off, not killed off — as if death means anything on a soap, anyway! — and siblings Rafe and Gabi remain front and center in Salem, perhaps Dario could come back a changed man. It’s technically possibly, but Vilasuso says when that gig ended, “it felt icky. It felt like our security had dropped out.”

An icky feeling, and Nicole didn’t even order a drink for Dario?

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At the time, he continues, he and his missus needed some tools to absorb the blow, as a couple and family. They have those now, so hmm… Would you like to see Vilasuso return to Days of Our Lives? On your way to the comments…

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