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Adam makes Ashland an offer that’s hard to refuse.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 11 – 15, Allie opens up to Jack about some concerns she has. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

In L.A., Jack was surprised when Phyllis showed up on a whim after their last phone call. However, it was Phyllis who got the real shock when Jack revealed that Diane was alive and behind the cryptic texts. Later, Diane lured Allie in by providing her details about the Abbotts, telling her that she was very lucky to have them as family. Next week, Jack feels Allie is holding something back, and worries maybe he’s pushing their relationship too quickly. However, she tells him that it’s not him… Has Diane gotten into her head? Or is she starting to realize how twisted she is?

It’s been a while since their engagement party and revealing their plans to have a child. Coming up, Mariah and Tessa have another announcement, they’ve chosen their wedding date. When they reveal how soon it is, Sharon has questions.

Victoria set her plan in motion to entrap Ashland, and the first step was to derail their plans to go to Tuscany by having the pilot claim weather anomalies wouldn’t allow them to take off. Then after telling him that Adam had been named temporary CEO in their planned absence, she subtly hinted that perhaps it was her no-good-brother who fabricated the evidence against him. He took the bait hook, line and sinker. As Victoria brought her family in on her plan, which included setting Adam up for a public fall to further embolden Ashland, Locke was busy breaking into Adam’s laptop to presumably plant evidence.

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In the preview of what’s to come, Adam makes Ashland the deal of a lifetime. He offers him half a billion dollars to walk away from Victoria and Newman-Locke. Is this part of Victoria’s plan, or is Adam plotting a takeover to remain in the CEO seat permanently?

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