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They should’ve been not just a couple but a supercouple.

Since the news broke that The Young and the Restless had let go Jordi Vilasuso, we’ve been giving the matter a lot of thought. We’ve come up with a way to keep the actor and Rey in the CBS family by crossing the character over to The Bold and the Beautiful. We’ve lamented the ultra-logical next relationship that should’ve been in store for Rey. (And no, it wasn’t with Chelsea.) And now we’re pondering…

What the hell went wrong?

Sharon Case and Vilasuso are both Emmy winners who could strike up chemistry with a potted plant. So why didn’t Sharon and Rey become a supercouple for the ages? One word: writing.

YR Sharon Rey Crying Couch

“Honey, all I said was ‘Can we talk about us for a change?’”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Whereas epic romances were crafted for supercouples past, with time allotted for lotsa longing and a deepening of feelings, Sharon and Rey’s relationship played out like the B story to a bunch of plot points. Yeah, yeah, they were falling for one another. But that was never the show’s focus. Rather than the  future marrieds, plots revolved around everything from J.T.’s “death” to Faith’s tween angst to Sharon’s cancer and her lingering attraction to her ex, Adam.

Sharon and Rey, as a couple, were treated like an afterthought. And if the show writes a couple as if it isn’t invested in their relationship, why on earth would viewers invest in their relationship?

Before we lose Vilasuso, review his run as Rey via the photo gallery below.