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The women in Jack’s life are on a collision course!

Longtime viewers of The Young and the Restless will remember that there’s no love lost between Phyllis and Diane. This week, the two women will once again find themselves facing off when Phyllis joins Jack in Los Angeles, and while promos have dubbed Diane the “ultimate bad girl,” we’d put our money on Phyllis defeating her rival any day of the week.

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Above: “Newman,” uttered Phyllis, too late realizing that Diane’s last name was now Jenkins and neither of them were in a Seinfeld episode.

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Meanwhile, newer viewers have found themselves with several questions surrounding Diane’s storyline in general and her “murder” in particular. Although the show’s done a nice job of using both dialogue and carefully curated flashbacks to fill in the blanks, questions remain… and we’re here to answer them.

Question: Was Deacon even on the Young & Restless canvas when Diane died, or are they re-writing history when they say he helped fake her death?

Y&R Nikki Deacon wedding

Above: Nikki and Deacon’s wedding lasted less time than it will take you to read this caption.

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Not only was Deacon on the canvas when the story of Diane’s murder unfolded back in late 2011 and early 2012, but he was causing almost as much trouble as she was. Heck, he even used the “truth” about Diane’s murder to blackmail Nikki into a short-lived marriage.

Question: Who actually “murdered” Diane?

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Above: Maybe if the police had looked closer, they’d have noticed the sheet rising and falling above Diane’s supposedly-breathless mouth.

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Truth be told, that one’s a little confusing even now. Half of Genoa City had reason to want the troublemaker (played at the time by Maura West, who is now General Hospital vixen Ava). The night her head was based in with a rock, she’d had confrontations with many locals. Eventually, it was revealed that Nikki killed her rival in self-defense. Except Deacon then stepped forward to say that he’d hit Diane with the rock after Nikki in order to make it look as if someone stronger had done the deed. And still later, it was sorta-kinda indicated that Paul’s sister, Patty, might have done the deed. Of course, with Diane alive and well, it no longer really matters, does it?

Question: There’s been lots of talk about the “unusual” circumstances surrounding Kyle’s conception. What’s that about? 

YR Victor Diane Jack Young Kyle

Above: “Frankly, young man, that outfit should have been a dead giveaway. No Newman would be caught wearing a… what is that? Some form of sportsball outfit?”

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As briefly touched upon in one of last week’s flashbacks, Diane stole what she believed to be Victor’s frozen “swimmers” from a sperm bank and had herself artificially inseminated. Only much later did it comes out that, thanks to a sperm switch ordered by Nikki, Diane had actually given birth to Jack’s baby! That child is, of course, Kyle (who was originally named Christian Victor Newman after his supposed dad.

Question: The flashbacks showed scenes of Diane and Jack getting engaged. Were they ever married? 

Young restless jack diane office AM

Above: The way Jack has jauntily cocked his head as if to say “Marry Diane? Are you insane?” should tell you all that you need to know.

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Although Diane walked down the aisle three times — twice with Victor, and once with Andy Richards — she and Jack never actually got married. It’s worth noting that Andy and Diane’s marriage fell apart when she fell back into bed with her ex-and-future lover Jack.

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