Diane Phyllis Meet YR
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Jack is positive Diane wants something from him.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 4 – 8, Phyllis is stunned by what Jack reveals. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Jack returned to L.A. last week to spend time with his granddaughter Allie. The woman buying her father’s home, calling herself Taylor, asked Allie to invite her grandfather over so they could meet. Finding it a bit odd, Jack obliged and was stunned to discover that Taylor was really his ex, Diane Jenkins. Diane was behind the texts which brought Jack to Keemo’s house and discovered the granddaughter he never knew. Allie was disgusted that she’d use her father’s memory to play such games. Jack warned Allie that Diane does nothing but leave a wake of destruction behind her.

Back in Genoa City, after talking to Jack, Phyllis could sense something was wrong. He explained he would tell her, but it was better done in person. This week Phyllis arrives in L.A. and Jack informs her that Diane is alive.

In the promo, a confused Phyllis doesn’t understand why Jack would say such a thing to her. Jack reveals he saw and spoke with her. Phyllis doesn’t understand her motives, nor why she came out of hiding now. Jack is certain she wants something. She already asked him to reconnect her with their son Kyle, which he flat-out refused. Kyle was devastated by her death as a boy, and to learn she faked it would be another blow to him. Jack takes Phyllis to see for herself that Diane is alive.

Aside from Kyle, what do you think has brought Diane back, and what is her ultimate goal?

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