Phyllis faces Diane YR
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Victor plans to make sure his son-in-law pays for what he’s done.

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of April 4 – 8, Diane’s return from the dead continues to surprise people. Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Ashland’s problems compounded after learning Michael had escaped custody in Peru. Michael returned home to Genoa City to a relieved Lauren and filled her and Victor in on being held in jail on trumped-up charges, which he was sure Ashland was behind. In a preview for next week, Nikki is furious to learn what Ashland did to Michael, and Victor assures his wife that he won’t get away with it.

Even after exposing Ashland’s lies to Victoria, her family was stunned when she appeared to stand by her husband. She told them that she would handle Ashland, and had a plan to save the company. This included convincing Ashland that they should leave Genoa City temporarily for Tuscany to regroup and strategize. Victor however had another plan to deal with Ashland, should Victoria fail. Nick, meanwhile, asked Billy of all people to reach out to Victoria and try to get through to her. Next week, with Ashland at her side, Billy demands to talk to Victoria, which angers Ashland.

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When Jack returned to L.A. to spend time with Allie, he was stunned to find his ex Diane Jenkins alive and well, and responsible for all the cryptic texts. She claimed she connected him with Allie in order to give a piece of Keemo back and to make up for her past mistakes. She explained that she faked her death because she felt she had no other choice after wronging so many people, and leaving Kyle crushed her. Shockingly, she asked Jack to try and reconnect her with their son. In what is sure to be a confrontation not to be missed, Phyllis arrives in L.A. and heads straight to Diane’s place after learning she’s alive. Diane is surprised to see her, and Phyllis returns the sentiment seeing she’s supposed to be dead!

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