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When is an actor being let go more than just a case of an actor being let go?

Cast members come, and cast members go. Such is the nature of daytime. But The Young and the Restless’ dismissal of Jordi Vilasuso as Rey stikes us less as business as usual for the genre and more, disturbingly, what’s become business as usual for this soap in particular. (Read his co-stars’ reactions here.)

For weeks, the show had been setting up a Rey/Chelsea pairing — potential storyline dynamite, considering that he’s married to her onetime rival for Adam’s affections. But Vilasuso’s ouster means that that plot is being shot down before it’s even taken flight.

Er, why? And why is this happening more and more?

Young & Restless has picked up a terrible habit of starting things that it never pays off. The powers that be did it with Billy’s harebrained revenge scheme against Adam. They did it with Summer and Kyle, breaking them up, only to have them marry… off screen. They did it with Billy’s downfall at Chance Comm, which resulted in… oh, right. His getting yet another big-bucks job in literally the same office with literally the same colleague (his girlfriend Lily!). They did it with Jack and Sally’s flirtation… and Jack and Phyllis’ near-reunion… and…

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Now serving… food for thought.

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We’ve said it before and hate to have to say it again: We don’t get it. Why, when there is the potential for fireworks, does the show run in the other direction or turn on the sprinklers? In Sharon/Rey/Chelsea, Young & Restless had in its hands a chance to give Sharon and Rey something interesting to do, something besides fretting over mopeypants Noah. It had a chance to point Chelsea in a new direction rather than reheat leftovers of Chelsea/Adam or Chelsea/Nick. Instead, it’s getting rid of Rey.

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And not for nothing, but why would you ditch a character who isn’t related to anybody in town? The show could’ve moved Rey toward whatever new love interest it liked without the ick factor of “Ew, didn’t she also sleep with his brother… and his father?” or the silliness of “Wait, will this be his seventh marriage or his eighth?”

We don’t get it. And sadly, it’s one of the many things we don’t get about the show at the moment.

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