Rey, Sharon break up Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Three possible exit scenarios all lead Sharon to the same place.

When news broke that the Jordi Vilasuso is leaving Young & Restless it brought heartbreak for fans of his character, Rey Rosales, and for those who love the pairing of Sharon and Rey — or “Shey” as they are affectionately known.

Sharon and Rey have been quite content lately, which is sometimes the kiss of death on a soap opera where happy typically equates to boring. So, what will happen that will send the eldest Rosales off the canvas? There have been a few hints recently…

First of all, Chance is returning to work and will be Rey’s partner. He suffered a bout of PTSD the first time he attempted to return and left Rey without a back-up when he went after a perp on a stakeout. There’s been much talk about whether or not Chance is truly ready to be back on the force, and Rey himself was skeptical.

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But with Paul’s offscreen blessing, the plan is forging ahead on the strength of Dr. Huffman’s recommendation, which by the way, we’ve only heard second-hand from Chance. Might the over-eager Chancellor be fudging about his readiness and in doing so, putting his partner in harm’s way once again? Will Rey die on the job, leaving Chance to blame himself and Sharon to grieve?

If so, we can think of only one person Sharon would turn to for support.

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On the other hand, it could be betrayal that tears Sharon and Rey’s marriage asunder. With Chelsea dreaming of kissing Rey and chatting him up at every opportunity, there’s a decent chance the detective will betray his wife and that’s how he’ll be written off. Will Rey become the Mia in his relationship and leave Genoa City in shame? It’s possible…

Another possible scenario is that Sharon comes to believe that something is going on between Rey and Chelsea (when there really isn’t) and then betrays him with Nick as a knee-jerk reaction, thus ending the marriage over what was technically a misunderstanding.

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Any way you slice it — whichever way Rey is written off — Sharon is bound to end up in one place and one place only — in the arms of her ex-husband, Nick, who has been single, ready to mingle and hanging around Crimson Lights for some time now. How do you think it will all play out?

Look back on Sharon and Nick’s love story in the photo gallery below.