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“We have to embrace change.” 

If you were caught off guard by the news that The Young and the Restless had let Jordi Vilasuso go, you weren’t alone. In the latest episode of the podcast he and wife Kaitlin recently launched, the couple reveal that they definitely didn’t see this coming, and with good reason.

“I had re-signed [with Young & Restless] back in October for another three years,” explains the actor, “but in these contracts, there are six-month intervals where the show can decide not to re-sign you for the next six months. So that’s what happened.”

In retrospect, he admits, “Maybe I should have seen the writing on the walls. The scripts that I was given were very minimal.”

There was, however, every indication that Rey’s position in Genoa City was secure. “The other reason we were surprised,” says wife and co-host Kaitlyn, “was that they were just shifting the storyline to Rey and Chelsea. And you and [Melissa Claire Egan] were excited about that.”

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Just when it looked as if Sharon was about to get some competition…

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Jordi agrees that he’d been pumped about the potential pairing. “I’ve known Missy for over 10 years and was finally getting to work with her!”

With a trace of sadness, he admits why this role in particular was important to him. “When I started I loved that I was representing Hispanics,” he reflects, “and that I got to represent where I come from.” There was also the fact that he got to anchor an entire family. “I loved the dynamic that we all shared.”

He also loved the relationship that was forged between the actors who brought that clan to life and the audience. “I see sometimes on Twitter that people say, ‘I miss the Rosales family,'” he says wistfully. “Well, I do, too.”

Overall, however, the actor has “nothing but love” for the folks he’s leaving behind, including TV wife Sharon Case, whom he calls “fantastic to work with.”

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How will things end for Sharon and Rey?

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While this was Vilasuso’s fourth soap role — he’d previously played Guiding Light’s Tony, All My Children‘s Griffin and Days of Our Lives‘ Dario — his Genoa City stint was the “longest run I’ve ever had on a show.”

As for what’s next, that has yet to be determined. But the couple (whose weekly podcast you can check out here) is wildly optimistic. “We have to embrace change and see what happens and be excited by the adventure,” he muses philosophically. “Because it’s an adventure at the end of the day. If we had all the answers, it would be kind of boring!”

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