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Oh, hey, finally know what her sign is! 

This past week, Young & Restless fans got a little extra insight into Chelsea when Melissa Claire Egan shared her character’s driver’s license in a serious of hilarious Instagram stories. The best part was that it didn’t just contain surprises for the fans, but for Chelsea’s portrayer too!

For one thing, Chelsea’s full address is 1500 Market Street, PH, Genoa City, Wisconsin. The “PH,” for those wondering, stands for penthouse. It’s a rich person thing. (Don’t bother Google Mapping it, we already tried. The real Genoa City doesn’t have a Market Street!)

Plus, Chelsea’s an organ donor! So, that’s wonderfully selfless of the one-time con artist. And hey, we could see that the mom would be a big supporter of organ donation, seeing as how her own son, Connor, is only able to see after receiving a cornea transplant from Delia.

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The real juicy details, though, were of a more personal nature. Chelsea has brown hair and brown eyes, which isn’t exactly a shocker seeing as how that’s how Egan looks in real life. And they did get one other detail right — but the rest were the result of a bit of creative licensing!

“Regarding the previous slide,” Egan explained after showing off the Wisconsin license, “that was Chelsea’s ID today on The Young and the Restless, and I just wanna thank our prop guys and gals for saying she was 5’3”, which is true. Factual. And also saying she is 110 pounds? Also true…” The actress made a face and shook her head slightly. “And saying I was born in 1985.”

She then laughed delightedly and mouthed, “Thank you.” But it didn’t end there. Chelsea’s birthday is apparently May 17.

“I also think it’s funny that I’m a Taurus,” she added, “even though really I’m a Libra. It’s fine, it’s fine! I was born in 1985, it’s fine.”

Hey, we say it’s more than fine. So, cheers to this 36-year-old, 110 pound Taurus! May she never be put in the position where her organs must be donated. Honestly, in a city where rising from the dead is as common as Wisconsin snow, she’s probably pretty safe.

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