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Is it asking too much for the soap to make sense… ever?

The following may read like a crankypants article trashing The Young and the Restless. It honestly isn’t meant to do that.

We root for the show to be great five days a week (and yes, even on weekends). We remember what a glorious drama it once was, and we see in its stellar cast and rich history the potential to be fantastic again. But to achieve that lofty goal, it’s going to have to… well, make sense. Seize rather than flee from opportunities. Engage rather than enrage (or, worse, bore).

Brad, Victor team up Young and Restless

Suddenly, the reliquary storyline isn’t lookin’ so bad, is it?

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In recent years, we’ve too often felt compelled to scratch our heads over the goings-on in Genoa City and write stories that ask, “Why, when A, B, C and D would make sense, does the show throw up its hands and latch onto E — utter nonsense? Why, when there’s an interesting option, does the show run with an uninteresting one? Why, when a plot has been built up and built up, does it get torn down without any payoff?”

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We know that the soap can do it. We remember what it was like when the late, great William J. Bell was turning out storylines that reeled us in. It was epic. It was exciting. It was romantic. And it is in the hope that it someday will be that good again that we shine a spotlight, however ruefully, on the happenings (or non-happenings) that already in 2022 have made us grimace, groan and/or shake our heads in disbelief — and not in the fun “I can’t believe they did that!” kinda way.

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