Adam, Ashland team Y&R
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Will Victoria’s brother and husband team up to do the unimaginable?

In the aftermath of Ashland informing Victoria that he “can’t do this anymore” and is “done trying” it appears their relationship has come to an end… particularly since she broke down and said she now realized that he’d been lying about having cancer. Our immediate thought was that the outfoxed Locke Ness Monster would tuck tail and get outta Dodge (or Genoa City as the case may be), however, it might not be that simple for Victoria to get rid of him. After all, she did make him co-CEO of Newman-Locke right before this all went down.

It would seem presumptuous of Ashland to do anything but resign and leave town, and yet there’s no way this mogul is going to walk away from his beloved company… right?!? So what will his move be? He’ll need a lifeline and a half to salvage this situation — and we know just the person who might throw it to him… Adam.

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You’re probably thinking, “Nah” or even “No way.” After all, Adam stood alongside his family during the Ashland intervention and was instrumental in getting Victoria to come to her senses and see that she was being duped! Of course he’s Team Newman. And yet, a day ago Adam and Sally were musing about how the situation might provide an “opening” and Adam suggested Victoria might be seen as “incompetent” in strategy sessions with his father and Nick. He even proposed that they throw her under the bus by leaking the story of Ashland deceiving her to the media.

Given that Young & Restless spoilers are teasing that Adam will resort to old habits, we have to ask, “What could be more ‘old’ Adam than making Victoria’s misfortune work to his best advantage?”

Ashland may have done the duping, but Victoria’s the one who fell for it, and the board of directors might be persuaded that such a person should not be running the company… particularly if Ashland has successfully installed his key people in positions that would allow them to vote on the matter. Even if the deception never comes out, teaming with Adam, who ran Newman Enterprises before, may be Locke’s only hope at clinging to power. Adam, Ashland and Sally running Newman-Locke — can you picture it?

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Such a move would certainly revert Adam back to being the black sheep of the Newman clan — would he really want to go back there after coming so far? And Ashland claims to love Victoria more than he’s ever loved anyone. If he stuck around and even attempted this power grab, he could forget ever winning her forgiveness. So, will they… or won’t they?

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