Credit: Bjoern Kommerell

The Emmy winner challenged viewers to a guessing game.

After The Young and the Restless dropped its promo revealing that a mystery woman was texting Jack, Michelle Stafford had as big a reaction as the audience. “Wait… what???” she tweeted. “Who the hell is it?”

Since Phyllis’ portrayer is on the set every day, surely, she knows. (It’s not like the CBS soap is taped in real time.) But she still had some fun with the tease. “Guesses? I will only respond if you are correct!” she told her followers. “Go!”

In response, fans speculated that the woman in question was Kyle’s mom Diane (who’s deceased, as if that ever stopped anybody from returning), Jack’s old flame Kelly (also deceased, for what it matters), his first wife Patty (alive and well, mad as a hatter), Jack’s ex Mari Jo (also cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs) and Keemo’s sister Mai (who was also our guess — here’s why).

One fan theorized that maybe it was Daisy, the crazy minx who’s the mother of Phyllis’ grandchild, Lucy. Though why she’d be after Jack would be a whole other mystery…

The idea was also floated that maybe the lady in black was Sheila, who’s currently wreaking havoc over on The Bold and the Beautiful. But any tie that she had to Keemo, much less Jack, has been heretofore unmentioned.

Our favorite guess, though, came from NavyMom623, who ventured that Jack’s texter was “that annoying lady who calls about your car warranty expiring”!

What do you think, Young & Restless fans? Hit the comments with your best guesses, then check out the below photo gallery, a pictorial climb up the Abbott family tree, from John and Dina to Allie.