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“I love you so much,” she wrote. “Forever and a day.”

It’s amazing how much time passes in the blink of an eye. We could almost swear it was just yesterday when The Young and the Restless‘ Tracey E. Bregman’s son, Austin Recht, was playing Lauren’s baby boy, Dylan. The tot may have sadly passed away on the show, but over the past 32 years, Austin has left the limelight behind and grown into a confident young man forging his own path.

This year, Bregman wrote to her on Instagram, wishing a happy birthday “to one of my favorite people on earth, my first born, my best friend, my rock. You are such an extraordinary person, that I cherish and am grateful for every moment of my life. I love your voraciousness for knowledge and understanding. I love hearing your ideas and I love our daily downloads. It has been one of life’s greatest gifts being your mother and being so close to you. You are a beacon of shining light in this world and I am so thrilled for all your accomplishments and for what is to come!”

In honor of Austin’s birthday, we thought we’d pull together a few pics that Bregman has been kind enough to share and celebrate the life of the young man we still remember as the tiny boy cradled in Lauren’s arms.

A Boy and His Pup

This early photo of Austin and “his puppy, Stella,” was not just beyond adorable, it set the tone for many more beautiful moments to come.

Hop In!

Austin got his license early, so naturally he had to show off to all his friends and offer them a ride. And lucky Stella was one of the first to take advantage of it!

Too Cool for School

The ’90s were a wild time, with baggy clothes, backwards hats and plenty of denim! And Austin and little brother Landon were clearly in their element!

Old Friends & New

Bregman shared an amazing throwback pic of her boys playing outside with Beth Maitland’s adorable daughter, Emelia. Lauren and Traci’s feud clearly never got in the way of the actresses’ friendship!

‘Twas the Night Before…

Bregman celebrated Austin’s “birthday eve” a few years back with a throwback of her “sweet baby” blowing out one sweet cake. How special was his birthday? Well, it looks like even Batman showed up!

Summer Love

Bregman snapped this pic of her boy before “he heads out to go back to college,” and it was clear that his pup was never far from his heart. Then again, it helps that he was cuddled up right next to it.

If He Fits…

… He sits! “Still a lap dog?!” Bregman asked in an updated puppy pic. The answer is clearly yes! And somehow, we don’t think Austin had a problem with this at all.

Which Came First?

The chicken or the coop? Wait, that seems off. Oh well! Either way, this pic of her boy getting his hands dirty looked like a total blast! “Real men build chicken coops,” proud mom declared.

Horsin’ Around

Austin’s not just a dog lover, but an accomplished rider, with a clear respect for his horse friends. “My two tired and cold boys,” Bregman captioned of the surprisingly touching photo.

Graduation Day

You better believe that proud mom was there when her baby boy put a period on his college years. “Yes,” Bregman exclaimed, “It happened. Congrats baby!!”

Double Dates

Who better to accompany Bregman to be honored at the Animal Museum Awards than her sons? “Thank you, Austin and Landon for making my night complete,” the adoring mom wrote.

Mom Was Right!

That mug says plenty, but Bregman had a few things to say to her eldest who’d just moved out on his own. “I love this boy so much,” she wrote. “I’m so proud of him for all that he is and all that he does. I’m so glad you like the mug I got you for your new abode. Family: We may not have it all together but together we have it all!”

Blended Family

Just because Austin had moved out, didn’t mean he was abandoning his mom. He still found the time to join her and on-screen hubby Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael) for a little “early bird dinner!”

Spitting Image

“This blows my mind,” Bregman wrote of Austin and her own father, Grandpa Buddy. “Wish my dad was more head-on as he and Austin have the exact jawline.”

Family Movie Night

Bregman’s mother, actress Suzanne Lloyd, joined her and the boys to see Snatched. “Amazing day with my boys,” the actress wrote, “and my mom.”

A Man and His Pup

Bregman wished her “first baby” a happy 30th birthday with a touching post. “I have loved being your mom every second,” she wrote. “You are such an extraordinary man, business partner, boyfriend to our beloved Antonia, brother to your amazing siblings, loving grandson and rock, best friend and incredible son to me. May this year be filled with everything that makes you happy and healthy.”

Best Friends

Bregman celebrated this past National Sons Day with a tribute to both her boys. “My sons are everything, my whole heart,” she shared. “I love you to the moon and back, forever and a day!”

The Next Chapter

It was a picture-perfect moment on the beach as Austin proposed to girlfriend Antonia Burchman. Or, as Bregman put it, “Best day ever!!”

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