Adam, Sally indiscretion Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Her own worst enemy? La Spectra’s latest slip up may cost her in more ways than one.

Sally is one of those characters who moves one step forward and then two steps back, and it was never more evident than with her latest “open mouth, insert foot” moment. Her penchant for making choices that amount to self-sabotage are endearing, and part of what has made fans of Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless root for her so hard… but also kinda frustrating.

After winning over Adam — who not only fell for her, but offered her a prime position at his company — and making inroads with Victor after standing up for herself and pledging her loyalty to Adam and Newman Media, Sally may have managed to undo all of that with a single well-intentioned gesture that backfired.

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After talking to Sharon at Crimson Lights and learning that what Adam values over all else is his father’s approval, Sally made her way out to the patio where she overheard Lauren telling Chelsea and Chloe how concerned she was about Michael, who went missing while conducting an investigation on Ashland Locke for Victor in Peru.

Hoping to allay Lauren’s worry — and undoubtedly wanting to take a step toward getting back in her good graces — Sally blurted that she had encouraging information right from the source that would help to alleviate her concerns. She then proceeded to assure her former boss that Victor had his people looking for Michael.

Whew! What a relief for Lauren, right?! Well, not so much…

It turned out the update made Fenmore feel even worse because, she explained, if Victor was worried and had taken such steps, then Michael’s situation must be even direr than she feared! Chelsea was irked that the redhead had stirred up Lauren after they’d just settled her down, and Sally couldn’t help but tell her about how close she’d gotten with Victor. Eep.

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Something tells us that Lauren will make a beeline for Victor to confront him about what’s really going down in Peru, and the Mustache will not be happy to learn that he’s in that position because Sally revealed a confidence — a confidence that was shared during a private conversation between him and Adam that the COO overheard while eavesdropping from outside the closed office door!

Victor’s going to question Sally’s loyalty, which may not only hurt her chances of holding onto her new job but may also cost her Adam.

Let’s not forget that Sharon just told her (and handily reminded the audience in a foreshadow-y way) that Adam values his father’s approval more than anything else. So a move that has Victor questioning Adam’s judgment in trusting Sally is not going to go over well.

At this point, Adam will probably defend his girlfriend, but it’s a good bet he won’t be happy about her slip up despite her good intentions. Just when things have been going her way, this will undoubtedly be a setback for La Spectra.

How do you think this will play out? Let us know after perusing our favorite shots of Courtney Hope rocking the red carpet in the photo gallery below.