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They have all the reason in the world to hate him.

The Young and the Restless fans have had a mystery on their hands ever since Jack started getting anonymous text messages from someone who seemed to be tied to his late wife, Luan, and estranged son, Keemo. It set him off on a journey of discovery that’s only led to more questions than answers.

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Peter Bergman himself promised Soaps.com that Jack’s journey has jolted him “and is going to jolt the audience.” He teased that, “What [Jack] finds is a surprise. And then, following the surprise, what comes next is going to shock the audience!”

Well, we got the sad surprise — Keemo’s death — but what about the shock? It can’t be Jack’s newly discovered granddaughter, Allie. She was unexpected, but not exactly a jolt. We’re pretty sure that part is still tied to whomever’s been sending those texts to Jack.

We had been so sure once we learned that Keemo had passed away and his daughter would be making her first appearances that it would end up being Allie. Of course she’d be the one sending those messages to lure her grandfather out to visit. But, no, she claimed, it wasn’t her.

So who could it really be?

Well, we’ve racked our brains, and honestly? We’re still coming up with Keemo! What if he faked his own death in some sort of revenge plot against Jack? We already know that even though they parted on good terms over two decades ago, Keemo’s since rediscovered his anger towards his dad.

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First off, there was that box of letters left for Jack. Someone very close to Keemo would have had to know to leave it there for his father… and who’s closer than the letter writer himself?

Jack assumed that someone had left the box there to help him feel better, but it seems to have done the opposite. If anything, learning that right before his death, Keemo had been thinking about reaching out to his father only served to drive the dagger further into Jack’s heart.

Keemo’s resentment of his father all stems from Jack hiding Luan’s illness. Keemo has always felt that his dad robbed him of precious time with his mom. What better way to get back at him than by making Jack feel the same way about his son’s supposed death? It would be a pretty effective way to hurt his father and maybe put a nail in the coffin of them ever reuniting.

Would Keemo really be that angry with his father after all these years without contact? Possibly, yeah. The human heart is a funny thing. Absence can make the heart grow fonder, but it can also cause resentment to grow deeper.

When someone’s not in front of us, we tend to put words and thoughts into their heads, as we have imaginary confrontations and fights that so often make things seem so much worse than they really are. Keemo hasn’t seen his father in 26 years. That’s a long time for resentment to grow.

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Above: Is Allie grieving or playing a dangerous game?

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Of course, if this is all a ruse, you would hope that Allie would be in on it. To keep her in the dark would be cruel, and Keemo could risk alienating his daughter. We can’t imagine he’d want that, even if he is willing to upend his life to hurt his own father.

And we could see Allie being in on this. Though she does seem genuinely upset about her father’s death, she’s made it clear that whatever problem Keemo had with Jack, it’s not on her to make amends. We know, though, that this isn’t the last we’ll see her. After all, before we even met her, the show promised she’d be catching the eye “one of Genoa City’s eligible bachelors.”

If Keemo went to all this trouble to trick his dad, we have a feeling there’s more to the plot than just making Jack feel bad. Allie would make sense as his “woman on the inside.” She could make her way to Genoa City, get in close with the family Keemo never felt particularly a part of, than help take the Abbotts, their company and everyone around them down.

The point is, this mystery is far from over. And until Jack figures out who who actually sent those texts, we have a feeling the master plot is only just beginning. We’ve still got some shocks coming our way, and Keemo not only turning up alive, but masterminding a grand revenge plan is one jolt we’d never forget.

What do you think? Is Keemo’s death all just a ploy, or is someone else responsible for those texts? Let us know your theories below, then head over to check out our gallery covering the many loves of Jack’s life. Luan’s definitely in there, and even Keemo gets a mention!