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It’s time to put a number on our love.

In its almost 50 years on the air, The Young and The Restless has given us countless pairings as the show has tried out seemingly endless combinations of love, lust and lukewarm tolerance. Some couples became instant hits, while others were all but booed off our screens by disinterested fans.

So we here at Soaps.com decided it was time to offer up a list of the show’s top 25 couples of all time — ranked, of course, because where would the fun be without putting a value on them? With that said, this was not an easy list to make.

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What makes a couple great? What makes Nick and Sharon, for instance, light up our screens no matter how many times they separate, while Nick and Chelsea had us struggling to stay awake? How do we balance classic couples like Lance and Lorie or Danny and Christine with new hits like Mariah and Tessa? What about the ones who were beloved before they spectacularly blew up like Kevin and Jana?

We debated, we argued, we called each other unspeakable things and threw some chairs — kidding, it was very friendly, as these things should be. There were more Top 10 couples than slots (seeing as how there’s only, you know, 10 spots available), so tough choices had to be made. Sometimes we even surprised ourselves when we stopped to think of how popular some of these couples were.

So, take a breath and click through our gallery to see where your favorite couples fall on our list. Maybe you’ll agree, or maybe you’ll think we’re crazy, but either way, it’s one fun ride!