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Parlez-vous français?

It’s no surprise to anyone that Young & Restless is not just a U.S. hit, but also an international one. The soap is shown all over the world and adapted to pretty much every language known to man.

Over in France, the show has been broadcast continuously since 1989, where it’s called Les Feux de L’amour or The Fires of Love. We kind of like the name. It’s a bit more specific than The Young and the Restless, but it’s got the same dramatic feel!

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The French version of the soap is it’s own whole thing, and they’ve got their own Twitter feed to interact with fans. On March 14, they tweeted out “Passage d’aujourd’hui,” or “Today’s passage,” meaning a clip from that day’s airing, and tagged Jordi Vilasuso (Rey), Sharon Case (Sharon), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) and, of course, Eric Braeden (Victor).

Not everyone responded to the tags, but Twitter-master Braeden watched the clip and chimed in about “his” voice!

“Hahaha,” he couldn’t help but laugh. “Who chose that voice??” He went on to joke that this Victor “needs his adenoids removed!”

The gravelly French Newman (if that’s not a salad dressing, it needs to be) is definitely a far cry from the smooth tones that we’re used to! Just take a listen below.

It’s a definite vocal choice, but it’s also one that’s become synonymous with Victor over in France, seeing as how that’s the actor who’s been providing The Mustache’s voice for over 33 years now!

French fan Deborah admitted that the voice dubbing in France isn’t the greatest, but “nevertheless, after 40 years,” she added with a laugh, “you get used to it. Victor’s voice is not that bad.”

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With that said, now we’re wondering what Victor sounds like in languages all across the world! Anybody have any other Young & Restless dubbings for us to check out?

Check out the gallery below of Victor’s rise from bad guy to family man on The Young and the Restless.