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Raise your hand if you believe he’s spending his nights alone. No one? That’s what we thought.

After his split from Phyllis, we can totally understand why The Young and the Restless’ Nick wouldn’t want to dive headfirst into another serious relationship — even if that is kinda his thing. (He’s like Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful that way!) But what we don’t buy is that he’s sleeping alone.

Sure, sure, Nick would want to be on the frontlines in his family’s battle with Ashland, wringing his hands with everyone else over poor Victoria and how devastated she’ll be when her sixth marriage goes belly up. (Doesn’t that mean that her seventh marriage is free? Or is that just with froyo?)

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However, Nick is a sexual guy. Like super sexual. Like, so sexual that he hasn’t thought twice about sleeping with the same women as half brother Adam, former stepdad Jack or even his own father. Hell, give him 10 minutes without a hookup, and he’ll wind up necking with Cricket Christine.

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The moment Nick found out why it’s so important to have a good lawyer…

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That being the case, we don’t understand why the show hasn’t given him a bed buddy, someone with whom he could work out the tensions of the day in a no-strings-attached kinda way. It’s a no-brainer. We even know with whom he should be sleeping: the Grand Phoenix’s gorgeous “lady in green,” Crystal.

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Crystal could make Nick do a double take. Maybe even a triple.

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Think about it. After an exhausting stretch of discussions about safeguarding Victoria’s dignity and Victor’s legacy, Nick could stop by the hotel for a drink and get to talking to one of its very few employees. One thing (he’d notice that she’s hot) would lead to another (she’d notice that he’s hot), and suddenly, they’d be making regular use of an unoccupied suite.

What such a twist would accomplish is twofold: 1. It would flesh out the character of Crystal, who could be the have-not we’ve long thought the show needs. (And let’s be real: You don’t work the desk at a hotel if you’re a trust-fund baby like Summer!) 2. It would save Nick from becoming just a talk-to in other characters’ storylines.

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No, Nick, you don’t need to go blond to have more fun.

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Would he develop real feelings for Crystal (’cause the dude does love a wedding)? Would she fall for him but try to break it off for fear that she’d be seen as just another poor girl moving in on the rich guy (a la Sharon back in the day)? Or would they just actually enjoy being friends with benefits? We’d love to find out.

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How about you? Don’t you think Nick needs something to do besides play second banana in his family’s shenanigans? On your way to the comments, let us remind you of just what a volatile character he can be with the below photo gallery that retells his life story.