Phyllis, Nick confrontation promo Y&R
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Newman tries to put off the redhead as a third party enters the picture awaiting his attention… and upping the stakes.

In an emotional new promo video, Michelle Stafford and Joshua Morrow bring the Young & Restless angst as their characters Phyllis and Nick square off in a confrontation inside Genoa City’s Society restaurant, which of course, is owned by Nick’s sister, Abby Newman.

In a scene that is intense right from the word “go”, Phyllis tells her on-again, off-again love that she feels as though she “doesn’t even know him anymore.” This is followed by Nick making matters far worse by trying to dodge the determined redhead as he asks, “Look, let’s talk about this later, OK? I’ve got to go.” Anyone who knows Phyllis, knows she isn’t about to be put off so easily.

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Adding fuel to the fire, Phyllis quickly realizes that there’s a third party involved, waiting for Nick in the wings. When she spots them, she intones, “I knew it.” Shaking her head in disgust she lets Newman know, “I see what’s happening here.”

Nick lights up as he greets the new arrival and asks them to wait outside: “I promise I’ll be there.” Phyllis then tells Nick that “all of this going on” is “not okay.” Nick takes a stand at that point and declares, “Look, this is my life!”

Phyllis then drops some serious food for thought on the flip-flopping philanthropist as she informs him, “I don’t like what you’re becoming!” Then, in another emotional counter, Nick raises his voice to ask, “What I’m becoming?!? What if this is who I’ve always been?”

The third party awaiting Nick’s attention peers in the window as all of this goes down — and no, it’s not Sharon, or even Chelsea… it’s Blue Blob, the mascot for the Xavier Muskateers NCAA basketball team.

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Yes, Phyllis and Nick are still broken up and this is a new promo for CBS Sports, which will be pre-empting Young & Restless and Bold & Beautiful on Thursday, March 17 and Friday, March 18 in order to broadcast the March Madness basketball games. Watch the fun promo by clicking the arrow on Michelle Stafford’s post below:

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Video: Michelle Stafford/Instagram