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“An emergency operation… wasn’t the plan I had for this weekend.”

Only days after beloved soap vet Vincent Irizarry was rushed to the hospital following a vicious attack, he is proving just how strong the human spirit really is. You’ll recall that on Friday, March 11, his longtime girlfriend Yvonne Glisson shared details about the incident which ultimately landed her beau in the hospital. She reported that after witnessing a man “being volatile to his wife,” Irizarry had attempted to intervene only to be “violently hit to the ground.” The attack left him with numerous injuries, including a concussion which left him in need of an operation.

By Sunday evening, however, things were looking up. “I can honestly say being brought to the hospital for an emergency operation to remove a hematoma from my head wasn’t the plan I had for this weekend,” the actor — known for his roles on everything from Young & Restless to All My Children — quipped to Instagram followers.

Above: Irizarry’s characters tend to be so wicked that they even get nice people like Days of Our Lives’ Maggie worked up!

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He went on to thank all of his fans and supporters for their “overwhelming expressions of support, prayers and loving concern. Honestly, I am moved beyond my ability to fully express my gratitude. Your words of support and encouragement uplifted me through it all and continues to do so.” 

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 He then went on to thank one person in particular. “In the spirit of life taking priority over our plans, often with little notice, as in this case, today happens to be my beautiful love Yvonne’s birthday,” he wrote. “I”m so blessed to have had her by my side throughout this ordeal and am grateful for every day we’ve been blessed to share our journey together. She lifts my heart at the mere sound of her voice, as well as my spirit with her radiant smile and genuine soul. She’s a magical woman through and through, whom I’m forever grateful to have met. Happy birthday, my beautiful love.”

Truly putting himself last, Irizarry said he was “happy to share with all of you that the surgery went well” and he would, in fact, be released from the hospital that day. “I’m looking forward to getting home and beginning the healing process. They say ‘time heals all wounds.’ Well, I guess it’s time for me to put that maxim to the test.”

Please join us in wishing Irizarry a speedy recovery and his lovely other half a very happy birthday. Then find out why we think his All My Children alter ego, David Hayward, is one of 10 characters who need to be part of the (hopefully) upcoming primetime reboot of that much-loved soap!