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“She said she’s had a great life is ready to meet her loved ones on the other side… ”

On March 4, Richard Burgi shared with his Instagram followers a story to which many of us could relate. “My soon-to-be-98-year-old mother had been living at a nice assisted-living facility here in South Jersey,” explained the actor, a native of Montclair, NJ. “After my sister passed away, my niece, who works in the medical profession and is an amazing, busy mother of four children and wife to her husband, who is a Marine Corps combat veteran that drives over an hour to his full-time job — when not coaching or supporting the boys in everything — chose to move my mother in with them.

“My mother was so fortunate and so happy,” he added, “to have had family and friends, contact and love throughout this pandemic when so many other folks I know couldn’t see their loved ones.”


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Unfortunately, the situation wasn’t one that could go on indefinitely. So “my brother, my niece and I broke the news to my mother that it was time for her to move into full-time care as her physical needs can’t be handled at home anymore,” said the actor, only recently recast as Young & Restless’ Ashland after an accidental breach of protocol. “I held her hand as I tucked her in, and she told me that she was praying for God to take her before her next birthday. She said she’s had a great life is ready to meet her loved ones on the other side… ”

Burgi, as you might also be, was struck. “During this time of such chaos in the world,” he said, “I pray that more people find humble gratitude in their blessings and challenges and remember, ‘from dust we came and to dust shall we return.’”

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