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Some things are so awful, all we want to do is offer some aid.

It was clear from the moment we opened Melissa Claire Egan’s Instagram story that something was very wrong for the Young & Restless actress. This wasn’t the usual funny, silly slice of life moment that we see in most Insta stories. It was serious and sad, and the anguish on her face was all too clear.

“I don’t usually do this on here,” Chelsea’s portrayer began, “but if you’ve been watching the news in Los Angeles, there was a terrible tragedy Tuesday night. A three-year-old little girl and her dad were killed when a guy in a truck ran into their apartment building while they were sleeping.”

The pickup driver fled the scene, running off relatively unharmed. His victims were obviously not that lucky. But as horrible as the crash sounds, it hit far, far too close to Egan.

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“Unfortunately, it was my nanny’s family,” the actress continued. “It was my nanny’s brother and niece. These two beautiful souls were killed.” She took a deep breath before going on and adding, “Such a senseless tragedy.”

The family, she noted, had created a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses, and Egan, of course, was donating.

“I’m going to put the link here if anyone wants to add to help this beautiful family deal with this horrific tragedy,” she shared, though the story, sadly, didn’t end there. To make matters worse, she explained that the driver was still missing. Hopefully police would track him down soon and give the family at least a little peace of mind.

“So, please say some prayers,” Egan said before signing off, “and donate if you can, thanks.”

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